About Pebble Healthcare Ltd

home care cumbria

Nicola and Lorraine both come from support worker backgrounds, working their way up through management. They worked together in two different organisations and it quickly became apparent that they shared their passion and drive to deliver a high standard of person-centred support to people living in their own homes.

In 2018 Nicola and Lorraine learnt that someone they know, who received care, was in crisis as their care company was closing. With this knowledge they both left their subsequent jobs and agreed to take over the full-time care package themselves. The two worked hard to create an environment that met the individuals needs and wishes with a focus on choice and flexibility. This was the birth of Pebble Healthcare.

Going forwards, Nicola and Lorraine wanted to share this way of living with other people with disabilities. They began to build their team, interviewing with their service user. They firmly believe that the service user must be at the heart of everything they do. Stating "There is no expert on a person other than the person themselves".

home care cumbria

Care provided to people within their own homes is an important area of so many people’s lives. There is no bigger privilege than to enable someone to live where they want to, in the way that they choose to. Each person receiving support has a team specially chosen for them, with them, using a matching process to identify the best people to provide their support.

Pebble Healthcare is a team of people who care and are cared for, they provide home care, supported living and transition services, in the community for Cumbria and Lancashire. Nicola and Lorraine are passionate about the standard of care delivered by their team to the service users but also to the team themselves from the management. Each individual member of the team is supported from their first day, throughout their career. They will be encouraged to develop and achieve their goals and wishes while they support their services users to achieve theirs.


Encouraging & Supportive

I have been working for Pebble Healthcare since they first started. I have worked with a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of service users who are always great fun to be with. The training has something new to offer and the managers have been encouraging and supportive.

Support Worker